1. Track - USA

Die Präsidenten am Mount Rushmore

Our trip starts in the Wild West admidst the Rocky Mountains. High up in this remote region some loggers settled and, with their decorated and illuminated houses, show everybody that it is christmas season. Here you can follow the journey of a tree from being felled, transported on the rails of a logging train, and a long water slide right down to the sharp teeth of the sawmill.

Some diggers are working in a long forgotton side valley. They’d certainly like to change their life for a better one and still hope for the ‘big one’.

The Half Dome, one of the most distinctive mountains in the Yosemite Park, salutes every passing traveller. The well informed passenger quickly notes that the presidents, perpetuated in Mount Rushmore, in the Wunderland look down on California instead of South Dakota.

A bit of caution is always good in the vicinity of „Area 51“ since it is not quite clear if the secret basis has all unknown flying objects and their crews under complete control.

Our trip goes on to somewhat hotter regions. Ore mines and abandoned drifts tell stories of heavy mining activities in the days long gone. The natives of North-America always make us awe at their pueblo architecture. How is it possible to survive in boiling heat with little rain in this solitude?

After crossing the Grand Canyon, the legendary town of Las Vegas comes into view. Here, every lucky digger was ripped off his findings with lust and gambling. Nowadays gambling halls stand in a row along the Las Vegas Boulevard and by showing off gigantic illuminated advertising signs with thousands of mini-LEDs, the Wunderland people are lured to try their luck. To dry out the swamps of bad guys and the underground world, one needs a “Special Weapon And Tactic” unit, in short SWAT, who need a lot of gunfire to re-establish law and order. If one looks a bit closer, one can even see Spiderman swinging through the canyons of the streets in order to offer some help.

For those who want to relax, we’d like to offer a boat ride through the mangroves (watch out for alligators!). If you're lucky, you might even see the Space Shuttle take off to the skies.  

Videos of cab rides

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