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Hello from Hamburg,

Today we only have a short newsletter. To make up for this, we offer hot topics!

  1. Airport - construction continues
  2. Queen Mary 2 visits - on Tuesday, 26.08.08, we are open until midnight
  3. Red Bull Cliff Diving - Video about the cliff diving in the Wunderland
  4. TV-Tip - new broadcast date for Eisenbahnromantik by NDR

Airport - next round of construction!

The airport slowly starts showing some structure. Since last Friday, the plans are stapled to the benchwork. In addition, a prototype of a pushback tractor was built and the 6th test model is close to production. We took this occasion to overhaul our airport section of the website. Now, amongst others, the latest construction plans and the most important facts are available. This section will in future be updated on a regular basis. Click here for more info

Queen Mary 2 visits - on Tuesday, 26.08.08, we are open until midnight!

She is, without a doubt, the Queen of all oceans. Every port she arrives at, welcomes her as a guest of honor, surrounded by dozens of small boats "bowing" to her. Only in one port, things are completely different – the port of Hamburg. Here, she not only overlooks dozens of small boats but hundreds of them thousands of spectators. The port of Hamburg always celebrates a majestic welcome for the mother of the "Bill of Rights". We join in and to honor the Queen Mary II, we will extend our opening time for this event. Read more here...

Red Bull Cliff Diving - Video about the cliff diving in the Wunderland

On Tuesday ,August 19, the world's best cliff divers met in the Miniatur Wunderland. Surrounded by many journalists, the real and miniature jumpers were presented to the public. After that, they showed breath taking somersault combinations when they jumped off the top-most storey of our building down into the canal which is about 22.5 meters below. The reason for this event was the start of the Red Bull Cliff Diving tour. This event was documentated with video cameras. The result is a appealing clip about this spectatcular action. But see for yourselves !

TV-Tip - new broadcast date for Eisenbahnromantik at NDR

Meanwhile, the well made Eisenbahn Romantik constribution "Alpenglühen im Wunderland" (Glowing Alps in the Wunderland) was broadcasted on almost all third programs. On September, 05, the NDR - the most important third program for us in Northern Germany - will also show this report. We hope to "spark" as many "Northlights" as possible with the glowing Alps.

That's it for today,

Best regards from the Speicherstadt!

Your Miniatur Wunderland Team

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