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18.01.2013, 13:44 hrs
Age: 5 Year(s)

100.000 Facebook Fans

Win a plaza in Miniatur Wunderland

At last: Within the upcoming days we'll reach the 100.000th-fan-benchmark at Facebook – wow! We cannot quite grasp it, yet. Everyday, we rejoice over each new fan from anywhere in the world who adds himself. Not everyone lives just around the corner of Miniatur Wunderland, but via cyberspace we can keep everyone posted, even when they’re sitting in front of their screens hundreds of kilometres away.

That is how we have e.g. over 21.000 fans in the USA; also Spain, Canada, and France are way up front as far as fan communities. Even 640 fans from Mexico City, 342 from Buenos Aires, and 320 from Mumbai keep up with everything happening in Miniatur Wunderland on Facebook.

Receiving reluctant one to 40 “Likes” and few comments on our postings in the very beginning, nowadays, Wunderland's pictures, videos, and news get several thousand “thumbs up”. One of our most successful events was the gallery of the Grand Opening of our Airport section with special guest Niki Lauda. 6000 fans liked the picture “UFO paralyzes Lufthansa”, which we took during the flight attendant’s strike. Also images about the apocalypse prophesied for December 2012 found many fans.

Brandnew: Today you can view the very plaza for which you could be the namesake! You only need a little luck to become our 100.000th Facebook fan! And if you then click on “Like”, your name might become immortalized in Miniatur Wunderland:

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