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schrieb am 22.07.2015 um 12:03 Uhr
Great, I am without comment and breath.

schrieb am 10.07.2015 um 09:05 Uhr
Visited in May 2015. Real miniature wonderland. Being from a railway background, was completely fascinated by the different types of trains. All exhibits are wonderful.

schrieb am 29.06.2015 um 07:45 Uhr
is it posible to visit if one is in a wheelchair? How is the acces to the exibitions if one is a child in a wheelchair?

----Commentary of Miwula----

Dear Janni,

Peoples in wheelchairs are very welcome. The Entrance has a wheelchair elevator, so its no problem to come in.
Further we have special days for handicapped people:
The next one will we on September 9th.

Greetings from Hamburg!

schrieb am 08.06.2015 um 02:17 Uhr
This is the best place to visit in Hamburg! Since I came from Taiwan, I found a typo on "airport" monitor. The BR flight should depart for "TAIPEI", not "TAIPEH".

schrieb am 23.05.2015 um 16:03 Uhr
I visited Wunderland in Early May. I was absolutely amazed, the detail was fantastic and so much fun. I went on your behind scences tour, everything was so interesting. Your tour guide told us about the possible plans to expand into another warehouse and start modelling British Railways. I think that an annual visit will form part of my travel plans, and next tme I will bring my wife because i know she will enjoy it too. Thank you for carrying out your dreams for everyone to share.

schrieb am 16.05.2015 um 11:38 Uhr
Ein tolles Erlebnis

schrieb am 26.04.2015 um 22:50 Uhr
Just stunning.If I'd had the time i could have spent a whole week a day in each section. it is impossible to take in every detail and will definetly come again. The behind the scenes tour was excellent and in no way did it spoil the magic of wunderland.

schrieb am 03.04.2015 um 17:33 Uhr
I visited Wunderland yesterday on 02-04-2015 with my best friend as a birthday gift (I'm 50 now ...).

First time ever to see all the exciting stuff live, it was wonderfull !!!!

We had a behind the scenes tour in English with a young lady at 13.30 hour , she explained everything so good, everyone in the group was excited about her.
We wish her a apecial thank you from the two friends from Holland !!!

We meet again in a few years !!

Theo and Richard

schrieb am 29.03.2015 um 17:44 Uhr
I had a wonderful experience. What you have done is incredible. Thank you for all the hard work and attention to detail :)

schrieb am 27.03.2015 um 21:25 Uhr
Thanks to Marius for his excellent guided tour in English on 23 March very interesting, informative and enjoyable please pass on our grateful thanks to him - well done.

schrieb am 05.03.2015 um 08:04 Uhr
The coolest day in my life
I felt like a small kid, but im 41.

schrieb am 18.02.2015 um 20:56 Uhr
Is ther a place to check a small suitcase while I tour the exhibit?

----Commentary of Miniatur Wunderland----

Dear Sue,

of course there is. We have lockers free of charge, only 1 euro for deposit.
Hope to see you soon!

Greetings from Hamburg!

schrieb am 13.12.2014 um 18:03 Uhr
Thanks to Kay for a very informative tour yesterday 12th December. Both my eight-year-old nephew and I (46) were kept entertained and wowed throughout and saw the layouts in a whole new light. good luck with Italien and roll-on Groß Brittanien!

schrieb am 09.12.2014 um 01:24 Uhr
I saw a short program on Discovery Channel and each year we visit Germany for the Xmas Markets. I decided we would combine the 2 this year. Fabulous exhibition, thank you, we really enjoyed our time with you. We would recommend it to anyone.

schrieb am 01.12.2014 um 03:42 Uhr

schrieb am 02.11.2014 um 23:37 Uhr
Amazing layout. I hope to visit it as soon as possible. I see in your future plans that after France and Italy you go straight forward to Africa. I'd like to know if you have thought of a future section related to Spanish Railways.

schrieb am 02.11.2014 um 23:24 Uhr
Hi, Absolutely amazing, the level of detail and accuracy is truly astounding! You should all be very proud. Keep up the good work. Hope to visit with my family soon.
Best wishes to the team

schrieb am 28.10.2014 um 13:01 Uhr
Wonderful video

schrieb am 15.10.2014 um 11:40 Uhr
Hi! I love your city but would love to see Delta Air Lines at Knuffinden Airport! Does an airline have to fly to Hamburg International Airport for real in order for it to be featured at Knuffinden, or how does that work?> Thanks and God bless!

----Commentary of Miniatur Wunderland----

Well, let us say, it depends a little bit on the interest of the airlines to have an aircraft on our airport;-).

Greetings from Hamburg!

schrieb am 09.10.2014 um 10:55 Uhr
I have look at many of the video,s and photos of the WUNDERLAND .I am amazed .
I am retired and have my own layout at home ,had trains since childhood.What are the possibilities of job opportunities at wonderland.