Advent calendar 2010: 6th December - Knuffingen monastery - "Sound of Silence"

You’ve definitely never heard this before! We’ve done extensive research, and didn’t spare any money or efforts. For the first time ever, we managed to pass exclusive impressions on to you! For a long time, it was a mystery! The Knuffingen monastery, where the monks have taken a vow of silence. We have unexpected, but breathtaking sound recordings, taken with hidden microphones, cloaked in cowls, and with a lot of courage. But listen for yourself! This is a monument for all people of faith, the faithless, and those who are somewhere in-between.


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schrieb am 06.12.2010 um 07:58 Uhr
Hehehehe, das gilt nicht! gggg
Allerdings: In einem Schweigekloster muß man auch unhörbar gehen und husten darf man auch nicht! gggggggggggg
Super Idee! Gratuliere

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