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Same procedure as every year: shortly before Christmas, a lot is going on here. A great project took place right in front of our doors. Also, we’ll take a good look at the progressing work on our Knuffingen Airport. The details here are astounding. Our model making colleagues considered everything. From rental car park to check-in counters, we’re working full speed. If you want to visit us during Christmas holiday season, please, consider our extended opening hours, and make reservations in order to by-pass long waiting lines.


schrieb am 03.12.2010 um 09:23 Uhr
Wieder der absolute Wahnsinn!
Mir fallen schon keine Steigerungsworte mehr ein für Eure Arbeit!
Ich hoffe, doch einmal die Gelegenheit zu bekommen, Euch aufsuchen zu können und dann bringen mich 3 Tage keine 10 Rösser mehr aus dem MIWULA raus!

schrieb am 06.12.2010 um 13:25 Uhr
Ihr seid eifach wahnsinn. Was ihr auf die Beine stellt ist unglaublich. Ich wünsche euch, dass ihr auhc mal eine "ruhige Zeit" habt (auch wenn das für alle gemeinsam wohl nie klappen wird).

schrieb am 29.07.2011 um 15:36 Uhr
This is way more helpful than anyhitng else I've looked at.

schrieb am 31.12.2012 um 08:36 Uhr
The G15 s are more expensive, and have a "vibration dmpneniag" coating on the back- not that important.Here's the G5 s lofts and lie angles:#2 18.5b0 58.67b0#3 21b0 59.32b0#4 24b0 60.02b0#5 27b0 60.75b0#6 30.5b0 61.5b0#7 34b0 62.28b0#8 38b0 63.1b0#9 42b0 63.95b0PW 46b0 64.38b0UW 50b0 64.38b0SW 54b0 64.70b0LW 58b0 65.11b0And now, the G15 s:#3 20b0 59.25b0#4 23b0 60b0#5 26b0 60.75b0#6 29b0 61.5b0#7 32b0 62.25b0#8 36b0 63b0#9 40b0 63.75b0PW 45b0 64b0UW 50b0 64b0SW 54b0 64.25b0LW 58b0 64.5b0You should notice two things: the G5 s have higher lofts and lower lie angles. The G15 s, along with every other club out there, strengthen their lofts (the 29* 6 iron in the G15 s v. the 30.5* 6 iron of the G5 s, for example) because that, theoretically, will increase distance. The G15 s also have longer overall lengths, again, to theoretically add distance. You will also lose some control that way, and since you'd only stand to gain about 5 or so yards (maybe the same or more if you have the consistency of a robot) it really is a negligible gain. There's a reason the G15 s have higher lie angles than the G5. When a golfer's lie is too flat, the ball tends to shoot to the right; when it's too upright, it shoots to the left (assuming right-handedness). What is a golfer's common problem? A s!ice- to the right for righties. So what's one way for it to be fixed? By making the lie angles more upright. The only problem is, do you need this kind of correction, and if so, how much? You could buy the less expensive G5s and have them retro-fitted to your swing characteristics- and still come out ahead, money-wise, than if you bought the G15 s "off the rack" brand new without any measures to have them work for you. Not only will they perform better than an "off-the-rack" model, you won't suffer from buyer's remorse.

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