Advent Calendar 2010: 20th December - Shoe box Nativity

Today, we want to craft a Christmas display out of an old shoe box, showing the nativity scene in the Bethlehem stable. This instruction will provide templates for figurines to colour and glue, and some ideas how to decorate it with different materials up to your taste. So be creative, and design your very own story of the Nativity!


schrieb am 09.01.2013 um 14:23 Uhr
Reading posts like this make sufrnig such a pleasure

schrieb am 12.01.2013 um 12:20 Uhr
First, can't add much to your most recent post. I raerly cook (my husband does most of it), and if there's nothing in the pantry, well you know what we do. Anyway, Advent and the celebration therein. We do Advent jars. Each child has a jar with 24 slips of paper in it, each one detailing a fun event or special activity for the day. As my older ones have grown, well, older, it's moved to grab bag items and $5 gift cards. Somehow, baking cookies with mom doesn't grab a 19 and 17 year old as it might with my youngers. Thus, I have to get very creative and spend lots of time at the Dollar Tree. Candy they will eat.Keeping it very simple this year. $ is almost gone, but thank God for his provision and giving me some "set aside" for the occasion.He's more than enough...perhaps the greatest lesson for the season.peace~elaine


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