Advent Calendar 2010: 13th December

Today we have an absolute highlight in our advent calendar – a virtual snowball fight against Wunderland founders Frederik, Gerrit, and Stephan.
Whoever gets the most points wins a great prize: an annual pass for Miniatur Wunderland.


Germany is under control of winter. Frederik, Gerrit and Stephan went sledging from old warehousedistrict to the mountains of Harburg, to expect you for a snowball fight. Issue a wipe-down on them by sighting them with the cursor and throwing your snowball by click. You get points by hitting them. If you are off the mark or hitting the big mediator, you get deduction of points.

The winner is going to be declared on the 23rd of December at noon.

The legal process is excluded





schrieb am 06.09.2011 um 10:09 Uhr
This article is a home run, pure and siplme!

schrieb am 31.12.2012 um 19:09 Uhr
Πολύ όμορφο!!!!Και το περσινό σου ήταν σούπερ,αλλά και αυτό!!!Δεν ξέρω αν ξεχωρίζω κάποιο...Ό,τι και να κάνεις βρε παιδί μου είναι καταπληκτικό!!Τώρα θυμήθηκα ότι έχω ξεχάσει αν σας δείξω κ το δικό μου advent...Αδικαιολόγητη είμαι!!Φιλιά!!!Καλό μήνα!!!


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