Advent Calendar 2009: 5th December - Cab Ride Sweden

A Christmas landscape needs snow. Even though in many parts of the world it is rather wet than white, we want to get you in the right Christmas Spirit with our train ride. Come with us on a journey across snowy Sweden! Plus, you can win something, so watch closely. Have fun!
Also, today you can win something:
The winner is invited to take a ride on the TX-Logistiks diesel engine across the Gotthard summit (Switzerland), and enjoy the breathtaking alpine landscape. The second prize will be an annual pass for Miniatur Wunderland. Winners 3-5 will win a Miniatur Wunderland tickets including a guided tour behind the scenes. Prize 6-10 will receive the current Miniatur Wunderland DVD.
To participate in our Sweepstakes, you only have to answer one question: How many DIFFERENT Santa Clauses can you see in our video? A little hint: some Santa Clauses appear twice, so watch closely, and don’t count the same Santa twice! Last but not least, fill out the following contact form with your answer and your contact dates. Deadline is midnight tomorrow (6th Dec). Of course, any legal recourse is excluded.
We wish you lots of luck, and lots of fun!


schrieb am 09.03.2012 um 23:37 Uhr
first visited in 2004 and thought it incredible.

schrieb am 02.06.2012 um 02:21 Uhr
Hi Dan,Many thanks for your iitvrmafnoe news bulletins.I'm just starting off on 00 gauge DCC with Sound but I'm having trouble with the 2 wire concept. I think I've made a mistake in not using isolating sections, I keep on getting short circuits. Which is the best instruction book/ dvd to get for a beginners guide to wiring a DCC layout.Kind regards and keep up your good work.John.

schrieb am 04.06.2012 um 07:00 Uhr
sagt:Ich wc3bcrde eine Eilmeldung auf der Startseite LOXX c3bcbernimmt das MiWuLa. Nach langen Verhandlungen hitenr verschlossenen Tc3bcren wurde heute bekannt, dass fc3bcr nc3a4chstes Jahr vorschlagen ;-)

schrieb am 09.08.2012 um 08:59 Uhr


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