Advent Calendar 2009: 12th December - Soundfiles: Sounds of Miniatur Wunderland

Would you find your way around Wunderland with your eyes closed? Try it, and match the sounds with the terms. You can also download each sound to install them on your computer or mobile phone.

Sounds of the layout - Sound 1

(a) rain (b) broken refrigerator (c) truck (d) steam locomotive

Sounds of the layout - Sound 2

(a) Austrian police siren (b) Swiss coach horn (c) alphorn blower

Sounds of the layout - Sound 3

a) US fire engine b) ambulance c) St. Michael's Church tower blower

Sounds of the layout - Sound 4

a) thunderstorm b) explosion c) avalanche

Sounds of the layout - Sound 5

a) prison break b) foghorn AIDA blu c) siren of an ambulance

Sounds of the layout - Sound 6

a) video console command post b) starting signal for a bob run chute c) waking alert of the fire department

Sounds of the layout - Sound 7

a) Swiss railway crossing b) cow bell in Austria c) Norwegian stave church

Sounds of the layout - Sound 8

a) carriage in Switzerland b) Stepdancers on the new DJ Bobo stage c) shadow-station railway switch

Download - Sounds of the Layout

Sounds of the Layout ZIP

1.9 M

Sound trivia solutions

Do you know the answers? Write them down and you can find the solutions to the sound trivia here.


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