Advent Calendar 2009: 10th December Live Weather Report

Today behind the little door, you will find a video of a different kind. What is typical for someone leaving for a trip? He will inform himself about the weather conditions at his destination. What kind of weather conditions prevail in Miniatur Wunderland, you’ll learn in our weather report.


schrieb am 31.12.2012 um 07:47 Uhr
hello,i am trying to find any iomrnfation regarding my dads family who i belive originated from brown edge,although my grandparents lived in foundry sq,norton green for a grandads name was james berrisford nans name was true,they had 3 children,raymond,alfred(dad) mavis.i only know that my grandads family lived at hilltop and possibly had something to do with the rose crown(top pub)the family nick name was bleyder.i would be very gratefull for any iomrnfation.thank youann oldfield


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