Aladdin - the musical

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Let us take you to the land of love and magic – come and see Aladdin!

This musical is being performed ever since the fall of 2015, and it is still a huge success. The story of Aladdin and his jinn is well known from the Disney film, and has been brought onto stage as a magical and spectacular show. The elaborate costumes, the beautiful melodies by Oscar winning composer Alan Menken and the fabulous actors will enchant you with their performance.

The story is about Aladdin, a thief but pure of heart, who frees a jinni from its bottle, whereupon he is granted four wishes. This fairy tale has been well loved through past generations. Another big part of the plot is the romantic love between Aladdin and young princess Jasmine. Together they embark on adventurous journeys aboard Aladdin’s flying carpet.

You may order tickets online now or by phone at 01805-4444*
*(14 Ct./Min. from the German landline network, max. 42 Ct./Min. from the German mobile phone network)