Procedure in case of a medical emergency

The first seconds after an accident happened, or a medical emergency took place may be the most important! This applies not only to road traffic or accidents in domestic areas, but also to the workplace, or a medical emergency in Miniatur Wunderland.

This is the reason why the employer's liability and insurance organization obliges companies to train their employees in giving first aid. The employees have to take a course, just like driving students, and are trained how to react correctly, and to take the right measures in case of an emergency.

At Miniatur Wunderland, many employees are regularly trained in first aid, as well. Additionally, certain topics specifically tailored to Wunderland’s everyday needs, are being excercised in after-hour trainings. Here, the participants get the know-how which makes them capable to detect emergencies, and to take first steps efficiently, if necessary. Wunderland employees have a well chosen high quality equipment available, which they learn to handle properly during the course. Besides standard equipment, Miniatur Wunderland has a defibrillator (see photo) which has been purchased by the management for life-threatening (heart) emergencies, and which is being operated by especially trained employees. Due to their high motivation, and their interest in first aid, far more than 60 employees have been trained by now, which are many more than the required 5% of employees.

Not only our team, but also our visitors benefit from those well trained first aid helpers. Some observers may even realize that the compulsory safety for employees turns into a special and well-meant service for visitors in this context.

By the way, visitors of different age groups have used our first aid offer, repeatedly, e.g. the fast and purposeful help when someone has fainted or is feeling dizzy, the competent assistance after small accidents or even in cases of heart attacks, as well as the psychological support of affected relatives or by-standers.

Naturally, not only our helpers are relieved when a visitor  recovers soon after a spell of weak circulation, and when he/she is able to continue the visit. A couple of serious illnesses have been successfully transferred into the competent hands of Hamburg’s Emergency Medical Services.  

Alas, only for stopping the bitter tears shed by our smallest guests when they have to leave the exhibit, our First Aid helpers have no remedy, at all – but often, a parent's promise to return to Wunderland, soon, will work miracles!