Our bistro offers a wide range of cold snacks and warm meals, as well as hor and cold beverages. We want you to enjoy your stay at Wunderland to the fullest. Therefore, we also try to keep our bistro prices reasonable and family-friendly. In our choices of foods and beverages, we try to cater to the wishes of parents and kids.


Cold snacks Price  
Topped rolls 1,60 and up
Pretzels 1,20
"live mixed" Salads 3,90 and up
Warm meals    
Noodel dishes and Daily Specials at our live-cooking-station, e.g.:    
Penne Primavers with veggies & slices of chicken breast 6,90
Penne al Salmone with smoked salmon 7,90
Penne Arrabiata with shrimps 7,90
Spaghetti alla Genovese with cherry tomatoes & arugula 6,90
French fries with Ketchup or Mayo 1,90
Fish filet with potato salad or French Fries 5,70
and salad 6,30
Giant Curry Sausage with French Fries 4,70
and salad 5,30
Schnitzel with French Fries 5,30
and salad 5,90
Zingara sauce or Mushroom sauce 1,20
Bockwurst with potato salad 3,50
and salad 4,10
Baked potato with sour cream and salad 3,50
Potato salad 1,80
Soup of the day 2,90 and up
Changing Daily Offers 6,90 and up
Muffin 1,60
Donut 1,20
Cakes (assort.) 2,30
Red fruit jelly with vanilla sauce or cream 2,30
Rice pudding (cold) with cinnamon and sugar 1,90
Jello 1,50
Cold beverages Price    
Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Apple spritzer, sparkling water      
0,2 liter 1,80  
0,4 liter 2,40  
Apple juice, Orange juice, mineral water      
0,2 l 1,90  
Caprisonne 0,2 l 1,00  
Red Bull 0,2 l 2,50  
Holsten beer 0,33 l 2,00  
Holsten beer non-alcoholic 0,33 l 2,00  
Bionade 2,00  
Sparkling wine 0,2 l 4,90  
Hot beverages      
Coffee / Hot Chocolate Cup 1,50  
Coffee / Hot Chocolate Mug 1,95  
Tea Cup 1,50  
Cafè au Lait 2,40  
Cappucchino 2,40  
Espresso 1,80  
Creamed Coffee 1,80