Thalia Theater

The Thalia Theater was founded in 1843. It is Hamburg's oldest theater. Nationwide it is known to be one of the best all-round speaking theaters. In 1972, a second arts venue was opened - the "TiK - Thalia in der Kunsthalle". At the end of November 2000, the TiK was replaced by the Thalia in the Gaußstraße which is now the second  arts venue in Hamburg. Since the takeover of the Thalia Theater by Ulrich Khuon in summer 2000 the work is characterized by a special stage direction, a continuous cooperation with playwrights and the faith in the ensemble.

The repertoire of the Thalia Theater currently comprises 20 productions, which are shown either in daily change or in blocks. There are approx. nine premieres per season in the house next to the Alstertor. Additionally, there are six premieres at the second venue in the Gaußstraße.  

General Information

Thalia Theater GmbH
Raboisen 67
20095 Hamburg
Telefon: +49 40 32 81 40
Telefax: +49 40 32 81 42 01