This truly is a "hands-on" museum! In the Speicherstadtmuseum you'll get to know typical goods and equipment of traditional storage companies and trading houses in the Speicherstadt (Warehose District). The exhibits are shown in an over 100 years old warehouse. Besides tea-chests, bales of rubber, coffee-sacks, and sampling tools, historical photos and maps/plans are shown which illustrate the working environment and history of this worldwide unique historical monument. Moreover, you'll get to know everything worth knowing about the coffee and tea trade as well as the Ewerführerei, which is the transport of goods on small boats to the warehouses. 

Open Guided Walkabout throughout the Speicherstadt including Museum Tour "Speicherstadt - Tradition and Change"
Saturday 15:00 o'clock (April 1st to Okt. 31st)
Sundays 11:00 o'clock (year-round)
Length 1,5 Hrs. / No reservation necessary

8,- Euro / discount price 6,- Euro
Meeting point: In front of the Speicherstadtmuseum

The Speicherstadtmuseum also offers individual guided tours in English, French, Spanish, and sign language (German)

General information

Am Sandtorkai 36
20457 Hamburg
+49 (0) 40 32 11 91  
+49 (0) 40 32 13 50

Opening hours
1st April to 31st October:
Monday to Friday 10:00 to 17:00 h
Sat, Sun and on holiday from 
10:00 to 18:00 h

1st November to 31st March:
Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 to 17:00 h

3,50 Euros, reduced 2,50 Euros (children and teenagers up to 18 years 2.00 €,
free for children under 6)

Sunday 11:00 Uhr (year-round)
Saturday + Sunday 15:00 h (1st April to 31st Oct.)
Duration approx. 1.5 hours / reservation not necessary
8,- Euros / reduced 6,- Euros
Meeting point in front of the museum

The Speicherstadtmuseum offers also individual tours for goups, which can also be done in English, French, Spanish and sign language. 


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