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Gerrits Tagebuch Vol. 63

You will get new racetrack tests, curve construction with unruly plate material and further exciting insights into the construction status of Monaco in the episode 63 of Gerrits Tagebuch!

In this episode of Gerrit's Tagebuch, Nico, one of our technical draftsmen in Wonderland, and Gerrit test the very first curve of the 21-meter Formula 1 circuit in Monaco. For this purpose, a glass fiber plate is cut to size and the flexibility of the board material examined closely.

Furthermore, our electronics engineer Björn shows a matrix made of LED strips with which, on a kind of screen, water can be set in motion.

Finally, Gerrit presents the progress of the racing race cars on our test track. The two chaos programmers using the "trial-and-error" principle test a sequence of an accelerating car in "slow motion".