Gerrit Braun

Gerrit Braun, twin brother of Frederik Braun, was born on the 21st December 1967, a few minutes before Frederik. Very early the responsible and the protective traits were developed in Gerrit. His brother Frederik always bombarded him with numerous sometimes rash ideas,  and so it came that he wanted to protect his younger brother from very shaky ideas. However, just like his brother, Gerrit has the ability to dream and to look into the future. Mathematically talented, it was clear to him that, according to calculus of probabilities, he only has to wait long enough before Frederik would have a promising idea. He would just have to wait until then and rationally convince his brother that all other ideas won’t be feasible.

Gerrit succeeded in disproving the ideas of his brother until he was 12 years old. Then Frederik had the idea of establishing a huge collection of Mickey Mouse comic books financed with the profits of Mickey Mouse comic sales. Gerrit couldn’t find any reasonable arguments against the project and so he started drawing up a plan. Already with this project it became obvious what Gerrit would be known for later. He developed a strategy and carefully analyzed every step. He has also done this for every other project that was about to follow such as the discotheque and the record label. The only thing that changed with those last projects, were the technical skills.

During his school years, Gerrit was busy constructing different things. From an igloo out of cigarette packs, to a technically advanced model railroad (by standards in those days). After his school graduation, he began to study business informatics, besides his job as manager of the discotheque Voilà. The following years his technical talent emerged more and more. And so he developed an accounting software for the catering trade which is still used today, and appliances for timekeeping in motorsports.

When Frederik told him about his idea of establishing the largest model railroad in the world, Gerrit knew after careful analysis that his brother had hit upon his own dream as well. He instantly realized that there were many new developments possible in modeling and that an unprecedented world can be created. Gerrit agreed and in the following months and years developed a range of technology (Car System, lighting control, real water basin and ship navigation system etc.) which make the Wunderland so unique.