Gerhard Dauscher

Gerhard Dauscher plays a lead role in the history of the Miniatur Wunderland. From the beginning, he was Frederik’s desired candidate who was supposed to build the Wunderland, and to train and instruct the modeling teams. Today, the Wunderland bears the modeling hallmarks of him.

Gerhard has done an apprenticeship with the company Arnold (a model railroad manufacturer) and then started his own business of general plant construction in Mühlhausen, near Neumarkt. He had full order books when Frederik asked him to become a member of the Miniatur Wunderland team and so a sleepless night lay before Gerhard. He had always dreamed of planning and constructing such a big model railroad and now he had the opportunity. The next morning the telephone was ringing in Hamburg and Gerhard accepted!

Since that day Gerhard is the head modeler of the Miniatur Wunderland.

Regarding Gerhard’s desired collocation of the modeling team, Frederik had to face quite bad news – Gerhard wanted the team to consist of people who have never owned a model railway before. After this statement Frederik briefly doubted his decision having asked Gerhard to be part of the Wunderland – but this demand turned out to be perfect and the team originated from creative, open and motivated employees out of which 95 % haven’t been modelers but excellent craftsmen. Today almost all of them are still part of the Wunderland.