Frederik Braun

Frederik Braun, twin brother of Gerrit Braun, was born on the 21st of December 1967. In early days he already began to dream of great things together with his brother Gerrit. Initially, he dreamt of childish things such as "a 10,000 copy collection of Mickey Mouse comic books" or a "huge collection of autograph cards from sporting stars". However, his dreams changed shortly after adolescence. From then on he dreamt of his own discotheque and his own record label. Sometime in the year 2000 a totally new dream emerged. The dream of the world’s largest model railroad layout.

Frederik has never been someone who lives in his dream world. He definitely wanted to make his dreams come true. And so he began to work on the realization of his dreams at the age of 11. In those days he found his perfect partner, but also his biggest antagonist of his ideas. His twin brother Gerrit, the person who is the closest and the farthest to him. Frederik optimistic by nature, Gerrit pessimistic by nature, Frederik emotional and short-tempered, Gerrit rational and analyzing. Frederik’s ideas had to pass the hard criticism of Gerrit. Most of the ideas have been scrapped after detailed analyses as they were unrealistic. However, once an idea was approved by Gerrit, Frederik’s idea was perfectly complemented by him. Only five ideas were able to bear Gerrit’s judgement.

The first one which they realized together was Frederik’s dream of the largest collection of Mickey Mouse comic books of the world. They went to a number of flea markets and looked for low-priced comic books, which they would sell with profit on other flea markets later. They assembled a huge collection of Mickey Mouse comic books with help of their profits. After the Mickey Mouse collection, autograph cards were collected and afterwards the own club and the record label. For 10 years they ran one of the most successful clubs of the 90s – the Voilà in Hamburg.

With the millennium ending many new ideas emerged in Frederik. He was sure that he didn’t want to grow old working in the nightlife business and so he tried to convince Gerrit with many ideas of a new company, the fifth one. For many years all attempts were in vain. One day in the summer of 2000 everything suddenly became clear to Frederik. He had found his life’s dream. He knew that Gerrit would probably call him crazy when he told him about his plan to build the largest model railroad of the world. 

After more than 32 years of experience in dealing with "Judge Gerrit the Merciless", he prepared a strategy to convince his brother. And he was successful. The rest is documented in the history of the Miniatur Wunderland.