And after that?

Italy won't be the last act in the history of the Wunderland - our team still has plenty of ideas and plans! Our next step will be the completion of Italy through the addition of fascinating Venice with its lagoon. Since there is no room left in the Italy section, we will take out the Vinschgau Valley, which is the front part of South Tyrol, and transfer it to a future special exhibition. The biggest challenge in Venice will be the construction of the buildings: There are millions of pictures of the sightseeing spots and every inch of the city, so we have to be even more careful than usual to build our model true to the original in every detail. 

The next section to come will be Monaco, and love for detail will surely be required here as much as in Venice. It will be located at the tip of Liguria with its luxurious marina and the Formula One racing circuit. For years, we have been venturing various options to make the car race look realistic and we can reveal as much: Our usual car system won't do. Instead, we will be using permanent magnets arranged in a Halbach array. We can hardly wait to see the results!

Subsequently, we will literally take the plunge over the channel and build England, the mother country of railroads. We don't know yet what it will look like, but the country is an outstanding model with its beautiful scenery in the counties, the industry in the centre of the island, the noble English culture that is visible everywhere and, of course, its multitude of railways. 

Europe wouldn't be complete without France, of course, so it will be built between Italy/Monaco and England. And then? A concrete plan doesn't exist so far, but we do have many, admittedly divergent, ideas: Modeling the first train ever, or a grand futuristic transportation hub? A choo choo train gently puffing through a picturesque countryside, or a gigantic shunting yard with an engine depot within an industrial complex of the 1940s?

Railways in foreign countries do offer even more options: From remote narrow gauge railroads crossing the African jungle to futuristic high-speed-trains in Japan, there is a wide range of railroad related issues. Some of them are really quite moving from a historical point of view, but they also could acquaint our visitors with the culture of the respective countries.

We long for faraway places as much as anyone else, so we entertain the vision of a model railway starting at the Ivory Coast, passing through the tropical rainforest and the Sahelian zone, fighting sand storms in the Sahara, running past the Pyramids and ending in Cairo. 

As you can see, the history of the Miniatur Wunderland is far from over.