Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

29.12.08 at 14:06 hrs

Weekly Report No 426, CW 52

Montag, 22.12.2008 bis Sonntag, 28.12.2008

Even during the christmas holidays there were no days off for the team. The progress is, however, not clearly seen as it happened in the hidden areas. Therefore, this report will be somewhat shorter than usual!

A comprehensive summary for 2008 and an outlook for 2009 can be found in our news section!

Cross-section through a parking garage

Here, the modellers work on the parking garage that will later be located directly at the layout's fascia. Consequently, some model cars will have to suffer as only halves of them are needed.

Car park in the raw phase

The large round car park is also still in the making. Next step now is to assemble the ramps to get from one storey to another.Before the ramps can go in, the center core with the openings for the decks has to be prepared.

New Year's Evening in the port of Hamburg

Well, this was definietely the last report for 2008! We hope you had a lot fun with us and maybe even found some ideas for your own pike. All "old" reports will of course be availabe for reading. The team of the Miniatur Wunderland whishes you a happy new year and we all hope to welcome you back to our new weekly reports! :-)

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