Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

22.12.08 at 12:14 hrs

Weekly Report No 425, CW 51

From Monday, 15.12.2008 to Sunday, 21.12.2008

Christmas is only hours away and many of us think about what Santa will bring them as present. Others are still busy to finish some details for the airport this year.

Flower pots for the airport

The modellers have to be really busy now. After the prototypes (WR 422) found approval, it is now time to build and paint a series of flower pots. These pots still lack the greenery, which has been …

Flower pots for the airport

…mended already with another series.

Staging area benchwork

It is the carpenters' turn again in the airport section who now assemble the first wooden subroadbeds with the steel framing.

Electrical cabinet for the airport and the old sections

Due to the airport section, the power demand rocketed sky-high. Therefore, our old electric distribution had to make way for a new one. With this new distribution the cable chaos, created during the remodelling for the airport section, will also be eliminated once and forever. However, to achieve this in due course, our electricians will have to absolve many nightshifts.

More CarSystem vehicles for the airport

Here we see de-icing vehicles, built after the prototype.of the "Elephant MY" - series made by Vestergaard. In order for the vehicles to function flawless on the layout, we have make some alterations and adjustments, though.

Marketplace in Hamburg section

The weekly market in the Hamburg section - built after the Isemarkt in Hamburg-Eppendorf - exists since this section was opened. However, the lighting of the stands and booths had to be completely overhauled and during this action, some newer details have also been incorporated.One has to look very close though to find these details

Gerrit's birthday workplace

Frederik and Gerrit had their birthday on December 12. Enough reason for some colleagues to "slightly" decorate Gerrit's workplace. :-)

Santa flies over Knuffingen

Well, this was the last weekly report before christmas. The complete Miniatur Wunderland team whishes you a very Merry Christmas. :-)

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