Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

19.12.08 at 11:41 hrs

Weekly Report No 424, CW 50

From Monday, 08.12.2008 to Sunday, 14.12.2008

Sorry, this report is a few days late. The reason for this is the loss of data we suffered from over the weekend. However, we won't let you down and and show you which positive changes occured in the Wunderland in the meantime.

Water wheel

by bridging the street the last piece of the suone is also complete and now the mountain village finally has fluent water. It seems, however, by judging the inauguration party that the inhabitants are not too enthusiastic about this.

Pump house

Let's look to Switzerland. During the last days, a small pump house was erected alongside the suone which will lift the spring water a few inches in order to bridge the street.

Airport benchwork

Not far away from the mountain village, our model builders are about to erect the benchwork for the airport which later will support the baseplate. As you can see,...

Staging area

... the first two staging areas are also already in place.


Currently, our workshops again turn out some very unusual vehicles. Painted very colorful and "hip", they wait to be placed on the layout by Bobby.


This treehouse will also show up in the layout in the couple of days. Where it will be located,...


... is a story for another report. A small hint regarding this vehicle: This camper will definitely NOT be hidden in the sunflower fields!

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