Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

08.12.08 at 12:44 hrs

Weekly Report No. 423, CW 49

From Monday, 01.12.2008 to Sunday, 07.12.2008

During the last days, progress at the airport section speeds up more and more as far as the model building part is concerned!

First test fit of the nearly finished models

Since the baseplate is installed now (we reportet last week), the first almost finished models are allowed in for test fitting.

The first radar-tower also makes test runs.

Airport parking

We alread introduced this parking garage in WR 416, although at that time it was still in pieces. Now it is completely assembeld. However, it still lacks illumination, a few parking cars,and some smaller important details like stair railings! :-)

Another parking lot!

As usually there is more than one parking lot at an airport, a second model is almost finished. If you look really close,…

Details of the parking garage

…you can see, just how close this model is built after the prototype.

Frame for staging areas

Last week the steel benchwork and framing was built and welded. Here, however, an additional layer is still missing.

Re-modelling of fishermen village in Scandinavia

As we don't exclusively work on the airport but also have new ideas for the existing sections of the layout, we have here a few new details from the Scandinavian section where the fishermen-viallage was completey re-modelled.

Hmmm, wonder where they want to go to?

Of course, we couldn't resist to implement some funny details. :-)

New sauna island in Scandinavia

During the remodelling process, some islands also received their share of work, like this very delicately detailled wellness island.

Christmas crib

Just in time for christmas, the christmas crib from report no 418 was installed in the new fisherman village.

Santa Claus in Hamburg

'Tis the season, not only in Scandinavia but also in other parts of the layout, although the snowmen tend to melt there as it is a bit hotter than in Scandinavia! ;-)

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