Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report


02.12.08 at 11:16 Uhr

Weekly Report No 422, CW 48

From Monday, 24.11.2008 to Sunday, 30.11.2008

Apart from interesting details of the airport section, we also have some new and funny scenes from the old sections.

The future look of the airport

Since ew enter new territory at the airport section, it is quite important to build small test models so that details could be clraified or we could see what is feasable in a model. This is one of the models which, however, is missing some details. The model builders are just about to build them, like…

Flower containers for the airport

…Flower containers,…

Concrete safety blocks

…Concrete safety blocks…

…and grit bins which will later be positioned around the airport.

Dirk applies tags to the cars

Of course, there will also be masses of cars in the airport area. Dirk is ssen here as he applies the required…

Tags(number plates) for the cars

…tags (number plates). What a job! :-)

Baseplate for the terminal area

Details were not the only job during the last days: The baseplate for the terminal area has also been prepared so that we can start setting up very soon. The train station for the airport…

Airport train station

…was lowered one "storey" and now awaits the trackwork and further detailling.

Suone in Switzerland

"Water pipe" to be built. Traversing the road has already been managed; now only the water wheel is missing which will also offer a chance for the building's connection to the water supply.

What's going on here?

Here are a couple of scenes from the older sections which, however, you will see on a tour behind the scenes. Wonder, what these guys are up to?

Pink Cadillac?

More a pink "Borgward. But what the h**** is going on here?

Cupid´s Wedding Chapel

Now this explains a couple of things! :-)

Cupid´s Wedding Chapel

Not to bee seen from the front of the layout but rather on a backstage tour, we have a new scene in the American section which can also bee watched in the real las Vegas. A wedding chapel explains the above scenes pretty well! :-)

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