Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

25.03.09 um 10:31 hrs

Weekly Report No 421, CW 47

From Monday, 17.11.2008 to Sunday, 23.11.2008

This week, we again look at the airport section. After you could watch the first take-offs and landings on a video clip, we'll show you some airport buildings this week.

Benchwork for the airport station

In order to bring the airport station to the right height, our metal workers have to be model builders for some time now.

Benchwork for the airport station

Since the station modules are relatively heavy, they have to rest on a steel framework. Thus, we can avoid sagging of the station and also warping of the wood which would result in a roller-coaster of trackwork :-)

Single station module

Sagging and warping in this area would be really problematic because it will be very diffcult to reach the tracks for re-alignments in the future.

Large parking lot

The skeleton of the large car park was finished.

Car park skeleton

There is still a lot to do until the finishing touches may be put onto this building. Especially elaborate will be the railings which prototypically will have to be mounted to the outer edges of the single park decks. More to this in the next week...

Quadruple approach of Knuffingen station

The fourfold track extension to the Alps and the airport his now completed. Currently, the overhead catenary and details of the roadbed are under work.

Underground view of 4-fold extension

The invisible part auf the Knuffingen track extension is also completed. This was definitely the most difficult part since the staging area of the CarSystem is right underneath the construction site and just a bit above the new trackwork the approach to the Schauertal-Bridge and the Alps is running. All in all, the team had only 10 cms ( 4 inches ) height to lay new new track and wire it.

Lock of the Suone

Suone = typical Swiss water channels alongside mountain flanks to supply water to mountain villages (just as a reminder) - Here are some detail-shots of the lock with its small handwheels to close or open the lock and...

Suone in Switzerland

… the anchors for the Suone at the mountain flanks.

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