Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

18.11.08 at 10:13 Uhr

Weekly Report No 420, CW 46

From Monday, 10.11.2008 to Sunday, 16.11.2008

As promised in the last report, we will reveal the secret about Gaston's clotheslines!

Water supply

Since November 12, 2007, almost exactly one year, our Swiss section is open to the public, but only now the last mountain village is supplied with running water by Gaston.

Make new from old

From old weathered wood chips, left over from the mine entrance in the Swiss section, Gaston made small,tiny, and smallest parts.

Water channels

These parts were then assembled to so-called 'Suones', historic water pipes, or more precise, channels..

Water channel and warden path

A suone is always accompanied by a warden path for the caretaker. Nowadays, these paths are very much appreciated by hikers.

The secret of the clothesline

Now we also have an explanation for the clothesline - Gaston uses it as a guide for the water channels.

From spring to village

In future, these water channels are run from a spring high up in the mountains to a mountain village in a valley.

Metal ball test

Now, what has this metal ball to do with it? Gaston uses it to check the gradients of the channels in order to keep them as realistic as possible.

Channel barrier

Two gear wheels from an old pocket watch were used for this channel barrier - let's see if Swiss precision also works in its new environment.

Gaston at work

Gaston is still busy constructing the channels but very soon even the last Swiss village mountain will be connected to the water supply.

Knuffingen is tidy again :o)

To conclude this report, a short view over the contruction site in Knuffingen. During the last days, the traces of the contruction work were successfully wiped out.

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