Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

11.11.08 at 13:50 hrs

Weekly Report No 419, CW 45

From Monday, 03.11.2008 to Sunday, 09.11.2008

One of the most significant construction sites on the layout now is the tunnel and track remodelling at Knuffingen Main Station. How and why we cut such a monstreous hole into the layout will be shown in this report.

Track gang

The workes at Knuffingen Main Station face a hard week of work with lots of night shifts. Not only will they have to lay new trackwork but also widen a complete tunnel.

Track preparations

The prep works are finished and the new track has been laid to the mountain base. In one night shift...

New tunnel

...a new and wider tunnel entry was created. The bad news was that the daily train traffic had to run undisturbed during the following days.

Track work

One point to enhance the trackwork was to generate a higher train frequency in the Knuffingen section, the othe one to connect the airport section (behind the mountain) to the rest of the layout.

Tunnel works

lack of space underneath the layout made it very difficult to work. Special attention had to be paid the staging area for the CarSystem which is located directly underneath the hole (see picture). Dirt and damages had, by all means, to be avoided in order to keep up the daily traffic routine for our visitors.

New tunnel situation

In another nicght shift the tracks were laid through the tunnel entry.

Wall break-through

In future the trains will reach the airport through this small hole in the wall.

Gaston at work

Not only Knuffingen sees some changes; our team is also busy in Switzerland. Gaston currently works on a project for our youngest section.

I can see some, ...

However, the secret of the red clothes lines alongside this mountain will be revealed in the next report.

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