Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

28.10.08 at 12:48 hrs

Weekly Report No 417, CW 43

From Monday, 20.10.2008 to Sunday, 26.10.2008

This report will again cover the modelling of the airport section. Dictated by the real thing so close by, the modellers have to work really accuarte in this section.

Every good office nowadays is equipped with computers. However, the furniture of this workplace is a bit behind time; state of the art would be a flatscreen monitor. Since we want the monitors to glow a bit, we had to compromise a bit in order to hide the already very small SMD-LEDs. I seriously doubt, however, that there are still those old W48 phones in modern offices :-)

IF we already indulge in office nostalgia, this equipment certainly belongs into this category. :-) We will, of course, also have modern furniture in the offices.

More large buildings are under construction in the airport section. This structure, currently being assembled by Daniel, will later house the customs, the police, the vetenary department, and part of the airport administration.

Size comparison between a normal residential and an airport building

By comparing a 'normal' residential house and an airport building, it becomes clear just how elaborate the airport structures are, …

Very detailed facade

…especially, if one looks at the facade which has been very finely detailled; just like the original.

Very detailed facade

Large customs building

The large hall of this building will be located right at the layout's fascia, enabling our visitors to watch the customs officers and the vetenary department at work.

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