Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

23.10.08 at 11:38 hrs

Weekly Report No 416, CW 42

From Monday, 13.10.2008 to Sunday, 19.10.2008

More and more airport structures come close to completion. Today, we have a small update concerning the parking situation at Knuffingen Airport.

Parking deck for one of the multi-storey car parks

The colleagues of the modelling department are currently building more more airport structures. A typical landmark of an airport are, of course, its terminals but the adjacent parking lots also form a typical airport layout. The parking deck ist just one …

Multi-storey parking for the airport

…of many which are currently assembled by the m odel builders. Still missing are, of course, the vehicles as well as …

Parking lot facade

…an adequate facade.

Staging areas for the airport section

But not only parking space for vehicles is created; trains also need some place to cool their heels. While a staging area is wired in the background, Wolfgang is laying track on the front section. Another task for him…

Modification of Knuffingen station to 4 tracks

…is to modify the left throat of Kuffingen station to 4 tracks. Not an easy job, if you consider that he has to achieve this during full operation of the layout ("inbetween two trains", so to speak). In addition, the cut for the tracks has to be widened, the bridge abutments have to relocated, and the bridge itself has to be extended. That done, the tunnel will have to widened. All in all, this project will consume another two to three weeks and so passengers will suffer from frequent train delays! :-)

Nativity scene at the model builders

Christmas is only 66 days away and so here his a small for hint for anybody to remember that! :-) Since Bobby currently remodels some layout areas, he built a crêche which fits right into the oncoming christmas season.

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