Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

14.10.08 at 7:14 hrs

Weekly Report No 415, CW 41

From Monday, 06.10.2008 to Sunday, 12.10.2008

In accordance with the whishes of our regular readers, this report almost exclusively deals with the airport section.

Terminal finger test run

Since a couple of weeks, the colleagues from the technical department try to figure out how to build a functioning terminal finger. A few details are still missing but in principle this model works already and could also dock almost automatically.

Daniel builds another terminal

Daniel has been assigned the job to recreate the airport terminals as close as possible to reality. Here, he is baout to build…

Terminal skeleton

…another terminal building.

Side view of old terminal Tango

The first nearly completed terminal building is the old terminal Tango. To show such a big structure in just one photo is barely possible, so we made a small picture series instead.

Side view of old terminal Tango

Side view of old terminal Tango

Side view of old terminal Tango

Side view of old terminal Tango

New fast-motion camera

Very often, we get the question if there will be a fast motion film about the building period of the airport section. Here's our answer: Of course! :-) Hiowever, this time we use a real camera for better image quality of the future film.

Viewing angle of fast.motion camera

This is the viewing angle of the camera as it stands now. The angle can, of course, be changed when interesting things happen in other places of this section.

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