Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

08.10.08 at 13:00 hrs

Weekly Report No 414, CW 40

From Monday, 29.09.2008 to Sunday, 05.10.2008

Apart from sports, there was only one important event in Hamburg during the last week : The citizen party on occasion of the German Reunion which this year was held in the Hamburg Speicherstadt warehouse complex. For us, this event was an absolute highlight even though…

Our parking lot converted to a tent village

… we had to let go our parking lot since it was needed to set up some large party and exhibition tents and pavillions, one of them beinbg the exhibition tent of the German Federal Government.

Out small exhibition tent at the Reunion Day

Of course, we were also represented with a small booth - not quite as big the Government one but also with a couple of specialities. our mobile CarSystem was showcased which always put a smile in the visitors' faces; and that in spite of the fact that the weather didn't really animate people to smile...

Special exhibit for October, 3rd

In cooperation with the Hamburg Central Office for Political Education we developed a special exhibit on occasion of the Day of the German Reunion. On seven dioramas, the history after WWII is shown from 1945 - 1989. Each diorama deals with one era and features numerous details typical for the depicted era.We chose to build a fictitious street crossing in Berlin showing the cahnges over time and the contrary developments within the political systems.

Blue airport station

As far as our aiport goes, we only have to report that the technicians now also influence the building process: for tests, countless LEDs have been built in and now one can create different light athmospheres, as, for example, this blue one …

Green airport station

…or green,…

Red airport station

…or how about red?…


…or for those, still not knowing what they want, a multi-color rainbow-setup. Maybe this idea also ignites a another discussion in our forum. See you next week! :-)

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