Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

29.09.08 at 13:21 hrs

Weekly Report No 413, CW 39

From Monday, 22.09.2008 to Sunday, 28.09.2008

Work continues on the airport section - slowly, the electronics for the controls are built into their final location and the start catapult is completed.

Start catapult with airplane

Last week, the first complete airplane prototype was attached to the start catapult. The ctatpult will also simulate the start and landing process and so the fastening joints of the plane can be tested..

Start catapult controls

Stephano built in the first control elements last week. This cabinet will house the complete control- end security equipment for the start catapult. This, in turn, will be controlled by Gerrit's software. But to be prepared for an emergency, we also want manual control...

Airport station with new paint scheme

The airport station also received a couple of changes; the most visible one is that our model builders applied a new paint scheme to it. The whole station now features a rainbow design.

Airplane silhouettes in the airport station

In addition we picked up proposals from our forum and integrated a couple airplabe silhouettes on the walls. However, this might not be the final design of the station since our technicians also like to have some influence on the design of the layout. We'll wait until next week and look again... :-)

New shop shelves

Here is something that has absolutely nothing to do with model building: Our souvenir shop received new shelves last week! This measure definitely improved the entrance situation: The room looks larger now and we have more space for our visitors.

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