Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

23.09.08 at 20:02 hrs

Weekly Report No 412, CW 38

From Monday, 15.09.2008 to Sunday, 21.09.2008

Currently, the emphasis is on the airport - be it the controls for the runway, the station, or the small details.

Control cabinet for the runway

This cabinet was already shown shortly after it's delivery in report 396. Now it is in its final location and about to be wired. All future control units needed for the runway will be bundled here.

Gerhard and Christian discuss further details of the airport train station

Gerhard and Christian are seen here at the "construction site" airport station, as they discuss some details like the ceiling color of the station. More discussions will, however, be nessessary, as…

Will this be the inside look of the airport station?

… , for example, the detailling of the inner walls. Not an easy job to give a train station a unique look. Many detail questions will almost certainly cater for more heated discussions in this place! :-)

Luggage cart for the airport. Well, the parts for it...

There's another big job coming up to the model builders in the next days. These parts will have to be assembled into the first large luggage carts this week.

Christmas trees in September?

The stores already sell the first christmas items. A good reason for us to also unpack the christmas lights and check their functions.

New control board for the ships

Not only the airport saw a lot of action during the last weeks but , just on a side note, the electronic department also turned out a new control board for the ships. (Version 356). The modular concept was given up (at least temporarily) and a single board solution was built instead - An absolute novelty is the card slot on the PC-board. It serves as automatic trip recorder which in the meantime is mandatory on every European ship :-)

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