Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

16.09.08 at 07:08 hrs

Weekly Report No 411, CW 37

From Monday, 08.09.2008 to Sunday, 14.09.2008

Last week the emphasis was, of course, on the new building section: our airport.


The airport will have an underground station, like the real thing, and Christian is just about to finish the skeleton if this 'module'.


In order to allow access to the station area once it is built in, Christian constructed the ceiling elements like a drawer.


We also need hidden staging yards in the airport section. Wolfgang is seen here as he builds the first one. However, for him, this is just as much fun as setting up a starter set since the airport will be dominated by the moving planes and vehicles.


Nonetheless, he has to observe that the trackwork is aboslutely flawless, accurate and .... correctly wired.

Airport catapult

A vital element has been added to the start catapult last week. This cable guide allows to connect all needed wiring to the sleigh. Now it can be wired and we hope to start test runs next week.


As already announced last week, Sönke and a few colleagues sort out the cars for the multi storey car park. In order to have a large variety,…

Vehicles for car park

… we use models made by various manufacturers. After sorting and unpacking, all vehicles have to report to the DOT (department of traffic) of Knuffingen to get their number plates :-)

Office building

The first office building for the airport nears completion. Currently we work on the interior lighting. A novelty is that motives of office life are directly applied to the inside of the windows. This technique will, of course, only applied to buildings which are located far away from the layout's fascia.

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