Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report


09.09.08 at 11:22 hrs

Weekly Report No 410, CW 36

From Monday, to Sunday, 07.09.2008

In this report we have a look at the progress of the airport section.

Subroadbeds for the airport station

Subroadbeds for the airport station

In report no 398 we already introduced a small Mock-up version for the underground airport station. This station is now built full size.

Freight containers for Knuffingen Airport

Another, quite important element on airports are freight containers which we already showed you in report no 406. During the last days, the "raw" shapes were stripped off their white paint and manually painted aluminum silver. Since, on an airport our size, you need some hundred containers, a few hours have to be planned for this job.

Pushback tractor for Knuffingen Airport

In report no 407 we showed you a prototype which in the meantime passed all test runs successfully. Now the model builder are about to give these vehicles their final design.

'Giant meet'

Work on the airport area also continues. Currently, we have a meeting of the giants going on here. Using the largest aircraft available in civilian aviation, we now check the clearances at the terminals and apron. However, not only the aircraft need enough clearances but the rest ov immobile and mobile infra-structure has also to be adjusted accordingly.

Finished conversion work in the Knuffingen section

More than 6 weeks have elapsed (see WR 404) since we started the track conversion work underneath the Knuffingen section to connect the airport to the rest of the world. This work is now almost finished (at least as far as the hidden trakcs are concerned ) and now, the new throat for Knuffingen station can be tackled.

Car delivery for the airport's car parks

Another kind of detail work is now waiting for the model builders - more than 1,000 vehicles will have to be parked the large multi-storey car parks of the airport. Before driving up the ramps, however, the cars must be equipped with number plates and lights. More detailled information regarding this task will be in the next report.

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