Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

03.09.08 at 11:21 Uhr

Weekly Report No 409, CW 35

From Monday, 25.08.2008 to Sunday, 31.08.2008

This week, our report lost a bit of weight :-) - today we have the latest pictures for our train database.



IC 1834

IC2000 of the SBB (Swiss Federal Railways)

IC 1835

An IC, composed from class EW IV and class Bmp carriages

IC 1825

A pushed IC made up from class EW IV carriages

RZ 1800

Our track cleaning train is composed of two class RE 6/6 engines and three Roco- Clean-cars. This is one of our 'roadrunners' on the layout and enables our trains to run on clean track.

CB 1806

Combo of class DB AG BR185 and BLS482 with KLV train.

CB 1855

Class BLS AE8/8 with grain train

CB 2681

Local from Bellinzona to the chocolate plant

RB 2604

An ancient set from the Seethal -two class DE 4/4 with original Seethal passenger cars.

CB 2625

A freight from the Seethal headed by the Seethal 'crocodile'.

RB 2623

A moedrnized class DE 4/4, alsofrom the Seethal

CB 2602

Freight with class RE 4/4 IV of the SOB at the point

IC 6392

Another not quite prototypical composition of our cog-wheel line: class Deh 4/4 with coach and trailer of the FO.

RZ 6390

A class Deh 4/4 with three track cleaning cars enables an almost flawless traffic on the cogwheel line!

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