Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

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Weekly Report No 408, CW 34

From Monday, 18.08.2008 to Sunday, 24.08.2008

On 20.08.2008 the best cliff jumpers met for a first training in the Miniatur Wunderland. The reason for this was a top notch extreme-sports event which was staged by Red Bull and hit its peak on 23.08. with jumps off the Rickmer-Rickmers at the Hamburg Landungsbrücken.

The kick-off was the jump of a miniature cliff diver from a door of the mini-miniature wunderland before the real jumps from one of the top hatches of the warehouse were started.

Look at these spectacular pictures!

Announcement in the Wunderland Speicherstadt

A large poster in the Wunderland Speicherstadt announced the cliff divers.

Jump-off in the Wunderland

Of course, the cliff divers also jumped (as a pushbutton action), surrounded by the press, from the mini-Wunderland Speicherstadt building in the Miniatur Wunderland!

Anna Bader - current double Euro-champoinesse

The only participating woman was double Euro-Championesse Anna Bader - she showed a backward somersault from a height of 16.5 meters ( 54.13 feet )!

Orlando Duque, nine-times World Champion

Orlando Duque, nine-times World Champion, jumped from 22 meters ( 72.17 feet ) into the canal which is only 5 meters ( 16.40 feet ) deep at high tide.

View from 22 meters (72.17 feet) elevation

Viewed from this perspective, Oralndo Duque's jump looks even more spectacular.

Jump sequence of Orlando Duque

The left half of the picture shows the jump sequence of Orlando Duque, the right half shows the visitors who could follow this specacular event from the bridge "Auf dem Sande".

6 cliff divers absolved their jumps

Apart from Orlando Duque and Anna Bader, also Alain Kohl, Hassan Mouti, Gary Hunt, and Jose Eber Pava jumped off the building.

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