Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

18.08.08 at 21:30 Uhr

Weekly Report No 407, CW 33

From Monday, 11.08.2008 to Sunday, 17.08.2008

During the last week, the team already worked on many small and larger details for the airport. But before that, a couple of pictures about the workshops and the rebuilding of the Knuffingen "underground".

Sure, that this helps?

After along and tedious weekend, some colleagues have difficulties to "rev up"! So Holger tries here to "wind up" his team-mate Max! But does it help? :-)

The 'Wild Mouse' in the shop

After a long weekend, usually a couple of repairs have to be done and a regular visitor to the shop is our "Wild Mouse" which is maintained by Holger.

The 'Wild Mouse' in the shop

After this last weekend, the tracks got their share because they separated from their supports due to the temperature changes in the layout.

The temporary return loop works

In the last reports we already introduced the return loop which is now in use. In the next 4 - 8 mweeks, it wll take care that the trains from and to Knuffingen will be on schedule.

Hangar for the airport

During the last days, the model builders kept building structures for the airport.

Test run for the first pushback vehicles

Various techniques are still tested for reliability in the airport area. So this pushback vehicle will have to prove its capability to push all large planes into their parking positions in the next days. Shown here is a prototype which is neither detailed nor painted.

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