Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

12.08.08 at 10:31 hrs

Weekly Report No 406, CW 32

From Monday, 04.08.2008 to Sunday, 10.08.2008

Just in time for a new week's start, we have a new weekly report with fresh news from the Wunderland :-)

Chateau in Switzerland

Finally: The chateau which we already introduced in report 399, is in its finaly location. Due to the many details, Gaston built into this structure, he created another true highlight for our visitors.

Chateau in Switzerland

Especially animals were again his favorites, like two storks and a couple of cats who made themselves at home here. Since one cannot capture all these small details with a camera, it is almost mandatory to come to the Wunderland and see it for yourself.

Finished return loop at the airport

The return loop at the airport is also almost ready..

Connection of the return loop

It is, however, not yet connected to the system, even in spite of the two carriages standing there. Next step will be to re-program the train control to enable the trains to use the new trackage. BTW: The green arrow on the floor points to an 'emergency exit' underneath the layout. This exit is very important to allow leaving the backstage area as quickly as possible in case of an emergency..

Skeleton of airport structure

A good deal of model builder are currently involved in creating the airport section, especially, as far as work on the planes and the first larger structures are concerned.

Skeleton of airport structure

Of course, the colleagues always try to stick to the prototype as close as possible. Finding the right colors and shades is a really time conuming part of the work here.

Transport containers for the airport

Small details also find a lot of attention. Here, some hundred transport containers are seen which still wait for their typical paint job and letterings.

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