Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

05.08.08 um 15:41 hrs

Weekly Report No 405, CW 31

From Monday, 28.07.2008 to Sunday, 03.08.2008

The last week in the Miniatur Wunderland was marked by two big highlights. The first one concerns our opening hours during the Hamburg 'Cruise Days' - from August, 29, 8 AM, our doors were open for 38 hours continously. Since such a marathon is quite a challenge, we are really happy that the layout survived without damages and that our trains only had a couple of minor incidents.

The second highlight and at the same time a new record for the Wunderland could be watched on Pro Sieben last Friday!

A stadium in 1:1 scale - solely for our record attempt

Our record of running the longest 1/87 - proportion train, had been broken in October 2007. Of course, it was a question of honor for us to bring this record back to Hamburg. The date was set for June when we were allowed to set up an oval of 360 meters of track in the HSH Nordbank Arena, home of the Hamburger SV (a local premier league soccer club).

One of 2212 carriages

However, in order to establish a substantial record, more than 2,000 carriages were needed. Since all carriages in the Wunderland were on their scheduled runs, we had to by the cars for the record train. So what would be more logical than to create a 'special run' carriage which now is officially availabe in our online shop and locally at the shop counter. All in all, exact 2212 carriages with a total length of 267,65 meters have been set up on the track and been hauled by 8 engines.

First finish line crossing after 1170 meters but not enough yet...

When the train started to move, everybody was on his toes. Will we make it and run the train for the required minimum distance of 1171 meters? Only after one hour, the train crossed the finish line and we officially succeeded to run a train of a total length of 271,97 meters over a distance of 1171 meters. But no end yet - we simply let the train go on after it crossed the finish line and after 3 hours, we achieved a total run distance of 3,333 meters.

Setting up a temporary turn loop

The extension work on the Knuffingen tracks continues. After having built in an additional staging yard, now a temporary return loop is needed. This way, the height difference between the entry and exit of Knuffingen station and the staging yard located underneath the station, can be bridged.

Wolfgang shows the future connection to the return loop

This return is vital because a lot of work has to be done to connect the airport (track-wise). First, the throat of Knuffingen station to the airport and Alps will be extended from 2 to 4 tracks, and additionally we need more return loops in the area between Knuffingen and the Alps section to ensure adequate train traffic.

Temporary legs for the subroadbed

Since these tracks are only temporary for the next couple of weeks, we can work a bit more unconventional. or would you clamp your trackwork toa steel construction? :-)

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