Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

29.07.08 at 10:43 hrs

Weekly Report No 404, CW 30

From Monday, 21.07.2008 to Sunday, 27.07.2008

A hot week lies behind us; not only are the outside temperatures driving the sweat out of our pores but also the open projects. In addition we have to prepare for the "Hamburg Cruise Days" during which we will be open for 38 hours the very first time. How that went, will, of course, be covered in the next report :-)

First test of the runway

The first test applications for the future runway have been accomplished last week. The slot which serves the mechanic to raise and lower the planes will be covered later with an automatic system. Once this installed, aircraft roll out or access the taxiways without obstruction in the case of, for instance, a start abortion.

Sönke and Christian build forms for airplane parts

Some progress is also made as far as airplane construction goes. Since not all models are available to our technical specifications (Weight, dimensions, construction), we especially have to scratchbuild the larger models. The forms, Sönke and Christian are building here, will be used to pour additional wing sections for the A 380 Airbus.

First test pouring results

The first test results look quite promising as can be seen by looking at the wing sections here, and the hull of our "Test-Air" also looks like a grown-up A 380.

Completed staging area in the Knuffingen section

During the last weeks, we repeatedly showed you pictures of a new staging area coming to the Knuffingen section. Now it is built in and…

Connecting the new staging area to the rest of the layout

…has been connected to the rest of the layout. Now we are busy to connect the staging to the train control and also updating the controlling software. However, in order to guarantee easy maintenance access, a lot of wood has to be cut out…

Cut out wood

… So, there won't be any sign of work's end for the near future…

Completed staging area

…since the next task is already scheduled: extending the approach tracks for Knuffingen station from 2 to 4 tracks.

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