Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

17.07.08 at 09:15 hrs

Weekly Report No 402, CW 28

From Monday, 07.07.2008 to Sunday, 13.07.2008

In the last report we showed you the preparations for the new Knuffingen staging area. Meanwhile, we made a big step forward.

The new additional Knuffingen staging area

Last week, Lars and Christian built in the new staging area. By looking at the pictures, it is imaginable how narrow this site really is.

Lars and Christian implementing the new staging yard

To make things worse, the complete action had to take place during normal "daily train routine". Every once in while, work had to be interupted in order to let trains pass by.

I wonder, if Lars has problem here? :-)

From the expression on Lars' face one can see that sometimes minor incidents happened, since the track gang obviously did not always announce approaching trains! :-)

Scrapped engines

If more than 800 trains are constantly running on such a large layout, it sometimes happens that models are scrapped because they can't be repaired anymore. However, nothing is for the trash bin. Many engine parts can be recycled and used as spare parts for other locos. Shells and chassis are used by our model builders to create small (and mostly funny ) scenes.

A small plane for the airport?

Work on the airport also continues and more large and small planes are built. This small plane, however, will have to fulfill a special task in the next days.What kind of "job" this will be? Well, you gotta wait 'til next week :-))

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