Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

07.07.08 at 10:50 hrs

Weekly Report No 401, CW 27

From Monday, 30.06.2008 to Sunday, 06.07.2008

Off we start into a new week - but not without showing you last week's progress in the airport section.

Lars wires the new staging area for Knuffingen

In order to run enough trains in the airport section, the Knuffingen section has to endure some significant changes. Lars is seen here as he prepares more turnout controls for the staging yard,…

Future location for the new Knuffingen staging yard

… which later will be installed in this location.

Narrow workspace to install the staging yard

Well, that won't be an easy task since the maintenance aisle is very narrow (about 1.5 ft) in this area.

Daniel is still building roof beams

As already shown in the last reports, Daniel works on the roof beams for the terminal buildings. The first samples didn't fulfill Daniel's expactations and so he has to fine-tune his production process in order ...

Finished roof beams for a terminal

…to achieve these results.

Handpainted figures for the airport

While some model builders are still working on the buildings and structures, others take already care of the detailling. Sönke currently paints typical airport personel like pilots and…

Airport personel in 1/87

…ground staff. It is a cumbersome task but if you want to build a realistic airport, these figures…

Pilots in 1/87

…definitely are needed.

Sascha programs additional controls for stepper motors

Sascha, from our development department, currently programs additional controls for stepper motors. These controls will later be used to pack a lot of action into the airport section and thus let the airport come to life.

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