Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

30.06.08 at 10:34 hrs

Weekly Report No 400, CW 26

From Monday, 23.06.2008 to Sunday, 29.06.2008

Well, the European Soccer Championship is over now. Germany came in second and daily life routine returns to the Wunderland.... Really? of course, NOT :-)) All sections expreience almost weekly changes and we show you some of them in this report.

A wrapped St. Michealis in the Hamburg section

To start with, St. Michaelis church in the Hamburg section was wrapped into a German flag to honor the German's team entry into the championship finals.

The Hermann-monument was also 'slightly' changed

The Hermann-monument was also 'slightly' changed :-)


The airport section currently sees the emphasis on building staging yards for the trains but in the course of the next weeks, work on the terminal area will begin

The roof of Hamburg Central station

Piece by piece, work continues on our 'permanent' construction site of Hamburg Central Station. During the last couple of weeks, woork on the roof structure continued.

Knuffingen´s Döner Imbiss

In Knuffingen, chnges happen, too. Since a couple of days, the first Doner Imbiss opened at a strategically important corner (directly at the Knuffingen Fire Station).

Knuffingen's Plaza

Even Knuffingen's Main Plaza has to notice changing eras. Since a few day, it looks completely different than before.

The eye of the Wunderland

'I know where you've been yesterday!' From now on, we are under constant observation in form of this watchful eye. We won't tell you, however, where exactly it is. Just a hint: It is in Switzerland; in one of the many caves. Enjoy searching it and: see you next week ! :-)

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