Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

23.06.08 at 11:12 hrs

Weekly Report No 399, CW 25

From Monday, 16.06.2008 to Sunday, 22.06.2008

This week we show you the progress of models we introduced during the recent reports.

Mini Chateau de Chillion

The small fortress, built after the prototype of the Chateau de Chillion, sits on Gaston's workplace and waits to be implemented.

The atrium of the Chateau

Of course, Gaston again worked in a lot of details.

Map of the airport

In the airport area, a map shows the future look and feel of this section. Well, as every model railroader knows: plans are made to be changed... I'm quite sure that the next changes are already programmed, as usual :-)

Airport terminals in the drawing

The terminal area is also planned and already reached the next stage: the model builders are just about building them.

Ceiling beam of a terminal  building

Last week, Daniel started the first tests for the ceiling beam construction and now he already assembles the first complete beam.

The parts of one ceiling beam

All in all, 16 beams have to be scratch built and painted for the terminals.

Flight security at our airport

Flight security is of course vital, even at our model airport. This tower is constructed after a prototype standing at the Hamburg Airport. Unfortunately, the proportions don't always match exactly even in spite of copying a prototype. .-(

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