Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

16.06.08 at 12:00 hrs

Weekly Report No 398, CW 24

From Monday, 09.06.2008 to Sunday, 15.06.2008

Even if the majority of our team would rather like to watch the European Soccer Championship, work has to continue on our new projects and some new stories around the championship also wait to be implemented.

Test model of the airport's facia

In order to run all our trains in the airport section on schedule, we decided to built most of the trackwork along the facia of the layout. This means that almost all tracks are under ground level. To avoid problems during the building phase and later during running, the model builders built a small 1:1 model. So now everybody knows how the tracks have to be laid out and how the wiring can be achieved the best way.

The contents of the large 'airport control cabinet'

The controls for the airport also make some progress. Currently, the large control panel which includes all controls and safety-realted features, is assembled. Hopefully, Salvatore knows exactly what he is doing there! :-)

Pouring the first terminal parts

Since the terminals are models of the Hamburg Airport terminals, they have to be built from scratch. Daniel is seen here, as he pours the first monstreous roof beams of the terminal. We're quite excited to see the first results.

The first table stands

Last week, the model builders got their definite 'GO' for the airport section. The first thing to do was to set up the basic benchwork tables on which the terminal area will be created.

UEFA EURO 2008 trains

On the accasion of the UEFA EURO 2008 the ÖBB-Werbecenter GmbH (Austrian Railway PR center) designed 18 engines for this event. As 'Ambassadors of Mobility', the 10,000 hp Taurs engines tour Austria and the neighbouring countries. Just in time for the start of the EURO 2008 two of these locos now make their appearance as models on our layout. The engines, designed for 'Austria' and 'Switzerland' haul our Euro 2008-train through the Swiss section. Thanks very much to the ÖBB Werbecenter ( for letting us have these H0 models which have been produced in a very exclusive 'Limited Edition'.

11 DeLorean in the Wunderland's parking lot

Who doesn't know this car!? At least (hardcore DeLorean fans may fogive me) after the movie 'Back to the Future' this car belonged to the category 'Dream Car' for many drivers. What could be better than go to work and see 11 (in words:eleven) of these dream cars being parked - obviously there were quite a few who had the same thought.

So close to a DeLorean and yet so far away...

Our team at the HSH Nordbank Run 2008

On June 14, 2008 the 6th HSH Nordbank Run through the Hamburg Speicherstadt was started to benefit "Kinder helfen Kindern" (Children help children). 964 Teams with more than 28.800 attendees yielded the sum of 144.080,00€. The team of the Miniatur Wunderland also participated in this run. 20 colleagues ran the 4 km loop and thus contributed their share to the total amount.

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