Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

09.06.08 at 11:56 hrs

Weekly Report No 397, CW 23

From Monday, 02.06.2008 to Sunday, 09.06.2008

The European Soccer Championship started and slowly the feelings of the World Championships of 2 years ago return. In the streets one can see flags of all nations and naturally, the team of the Wunderland are by now infected by the Championship fever.

Championship-infected model builders

The workplaces of the team members are (almost) all decorated in black, red, and gold and...

The 'Championship' control center

the control is also decrated. Let's see which nations will also fly their flags here in the coming days.

Public viewing area in the Hamburg section

Public viewing area in the Swiss section

The station of Brichur also offers a public viewing area where all the little Preisers gather to watch the games.

Mini public viewing in the Swiss section

During the course of the European Soccer Championships, the Miniatur Wunderland offers public viewing areas. In the Swiss and Austrian sections we installed numerous small monitors where the games can be followed not only by the Preisers.

Mountainous games

Since the hosting countires, Switzerland and Austria, are relatively small, our model builders came up with a solution for the space problem and presented some more extravagant playfields:

Stony playfield

They should, however, think of removing the stones from the playfield.

Gaston works on the chateau

The only one who seemingly is not infected by soccer fever, is Gaston. He keeps working on the chateau which we introduced last week.

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