Miniatur Wunderland Weekly Report

02.06.08 at 13:57 hrs

Weekly Report No 396, CW 22

From Monday, 26.05.2008 to Sunday, 01.06.2008
Although we sweated our a... off, we only managed a slightly late report. In addition, since the preparations for the European Soccer Championships are in fulll motion, this report will be a bit shorter than usual...
Gaston builds a new model for the Ticino area

Gaston at his favorite once again! Or not? Here we see him building a model for the Ticino area in our Swiss section - The prototype for this model is the Chateau de Chillon.

Creation of a small chateau for the Swiss section

In order to challenge him a bit, he has to combine three different kits into one chateau. This way, even building with plastic is fun, isn't it, Gaston?! :-))

Prototypical colors are a must

of course, Gaston also pays close attention to a natural color of the building. Each part of the kits is treated individually with several coats of paint.

Control cabinet for the airport section

Although many of our team are suffer from championship fever, work continues on the new section. Last week this 'small' control cabinet was delivered which will house all control units for the runway.

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